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In honor of World Photography Day, we’re getting candid at the KEH HQ. We asked some staff members to share their favorite cameras of all time… and things got interesting! Read on to see their picks and some of the reasons they love these cameras the most.

*Some answers have been edited for clarity.

Yesenia Quezada-Friedman, Inventory Manager

Canon 5D Mark IV

Yesenia with a Canon 5D MK IV
Canon 5D MK IV

What is your favorite camera and why? 

Canon 5D Mark IV — it’s a very reliable camera that helps me capture the awesome moments in life. It does well in low light and is just a well-rounded camera. Simply top of the line in my book. 

Why is this your camera brand of choice?

Many years ago, my parents gifted me a Canon EOS Rebel 35mm camera and I loved it! What can I say? I have been a Canon girl ever since. 

What is your favorite thing you’ve shot with this camera? 

My pups, without a doubt! 

What is your favorite feature of the Canon 5D Mark IV?

This camera has many awesome features, but my favorite one is the Wi-Fi NFC. Having the capability to transfer data wirelessly is wild to me!

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Carlos Beasley, Master Tech…but he prefers “Senior Curator”

Leica M9

Carlos and a Leica M9
Leica M9

What is your favorite camera and why? 

I have a Leica M9 with one lens. Great for walks; easy to use, not too many bells and whistles.

Why is this your favorite brand?

The Brand is my favorite historical research; I have spent 28 years reading, testing, and finding collectible items here at KEH.

What is your favorite photo you’ve taken with this camera?

“Everybody has a road to travel…”; I am also doing a bit of infra-red with this camera.

What is your favorite feature of the Leica M9?

It’s a simple camera. I like forcing myself to see in B&W and using just one lens. At my desk, I also have an M9 with which I test Ugly lenses to see how they perform with fungus, haze or scratches and how much it affects picture quality.

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John Loudermilk, Retail Supervisor

Bronica ETRSi

Bronica ETRSi

Favorite camera? 

The Bronica ETRSi.

Why do you love this brand? 

Because it is an inexpensive way to get into the Medium Format SLR world.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken?

My favorite thing I have shot with this camera are the mountains of Montana.

Do you have a favorite feature?

My favorite feature about this camera is the Speed grip… which is technically an accessory that makes it easy to switch between Portrait and Landscape shooting.

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Alexis Cameron, Tech Line Supervisor

Canon 6D

Alexis and a Canon 6D MK II
Canon 6D MKII

What is your favorite camera and why? 

The Canon 6D is my favorite because it was the first step I made towards owning a more professional DSLR. I feel it really helped me to push my photography to the next level.

Why Canon over other brands?

I first started with Nikon, but after working at KEH for a while and playing with some Canon cameras, I really liked the layout and features of Canon so I made the switch.

Favorite thing you’ve shot with your Canon 6D?

I once shot some cosplayers from my favorite video game at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. It was such a fun and unique location and I’d love to go back and shoot there again. 

What’s the best feature of this camera, in your opinion?

My favorite feature is the flip out screen. It allows me to use live view to composite shots from more dynamic angles. 

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Andrew Etheridge, Tier-3 Lead Associate

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Andrew and an Olympus E-M5 MK II
Olympus E-M5 MK II

What’s your go-to camera?

My E-M5 Mark II is the first camera I ever invested in, and for 5 years it’s been my designated workhorse of a camera. I use it for all my photography and filmmaking work.

Why do you like Olympus?

Olympus is the brand I associate with my development as an image maker. It was the first-ever camera I got as a gift from my family just to play around with, and it’s the first camera I ever bought when I was a full-time student in college working a lousy part-time retail job. I have taken it everywhere and made thousands of images. 

Olympus is the brand that’s given me a tool to express the way I see the world as a photographer, and to develop my voice and style as a filmmaker. Olympus is profound to me because it’s had the most impact on my life.  

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken with your E-M5 Mark II?

I have a photograph that I took of a gentleman performing at a BBQ joint last year. It’s a photo I’m proud of because it just captures a soulfulness that was radiating from this man’s performance. Pead, the man performing, was kind enough to let me keep photographing him and it led to this amazing impromptu photo shoot in the restaurant. I have great images and memories from this shot.

Do you have a favorite feature?

The video capabilities. I got this camera just when 4K became the main topic in a lot of video conversations, but I love the quality I get from 1080p. My team and I just got done filming a collection of short films, called Triptych, and I’m always surprised how far I’ve been able to push this camera’s video capabilities. I’m editing the footage and promotional photos right now and it’s definitely my best work so far.

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Want to see a bit more behind-the-scenes action? Watch the video below for more of our staff picks from KEH HQ!

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