When a camera model is so popular that the manufacturers make an updated version for re-release, you know that it must have been a solid piece of gear to begin with. If they decide to update the same camera model again for a third release–well, they do say the third time is the charm, don't they?

These winning camera bodies are some of our favorites among the creative team here at KEH. With a killer combination of performance, build quality, reliability & useability, each third-edition model in this batch absolutely deserves your attention.

The best news of all? Now that each of these cameras has a Mark IV model available, these stellar Mark III's are more affordable and available than ever.

Let's take a quick look at where these behemoths came from before exploring what makes each one a shooter's favorite.

Canon 5D Mk III

The original EOS 5D was a hit among users when it dropped in 2005 as the first of its kind. Featuring a full-frame, high-resolution sensor in a fairly compact body at a price that didn't require a second mortgage. The 5D featured only a 12.8-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 9-point AF system, with a maximum (and very grainy) ISO of 3200.

Seven years later, the 5D Mark III brought 22.3 megapixels to that full-frame sensor. A 61-point autofocus system made selective focus faster and more accurate. Dual card slots made it possible to instantly back up your images, and the rear LCD display was crisp and sharp, with 920,000 dots.

This camera has been used and loved by many pro photographers, but it's also a potent camera for video as well. With its maximum ISO expandable to 25600, it gave excellent low-light performance as well as a dedicated movie switch for flawless recording in 1080p. Even as trends begin to move toward mirrorless and 4K video starts to take over, the 5D Mark III remains a great choice for your go-to camera.

Sony Alpha a7 III

Only a year after the Canon 5D Mark III was released, Sony threw a curveball into the world of pro photography. In 2013, the original Alpha a7's rise to stardom somewhat mirrors the original 5D. This was the first full-frame digital camera with a compact mirrorless body that was near the size of an Olympus OM-D E-M1.

Two generations later, the megapixels actually remain the same as the a7 III and the original A7 both create 24mp images. That's certainly not to say that there haven't been improvements between 2013 and 2018, however. Dynamic range has been increased, the ISO reaches all the way up to an extended 204800, and the sensor does something else very well–4K video capture.

The A7 III features a built-in intervalometer to create time-lapse videos, in-body image stabilization for both stills and video, a touchscreen display on the rear and dual SD card slots for near-unstoppable professional performance.

Fuji X-T3

Rounding out our trio is the Fuji X-T3 (also available in black), built on the framework of the fantastic X-T1. The original was released in 2014 with a 16-megapixel sensor, high-definition video capabilities and a weatherproof body. This also brought Fuji's famous film simulation modes to a more professional body, while the X-T1's stunning, tremendous electronic viewfinder was a gamechanger for many DSLR purists who swore they'd never stray from an optical view.

The X-T3's design improved performance and operation in nearly every way, bringing imaging upgrades like 26-megapixels of detail, a faster mechanical shutter, an 11-fps burst mode, a 425-point hybrid autofocus system, and 4K video up to 60fps. That's a lot of numbers that add up to one exceptional image-creating machine.

It also features a second card slot, a longer-lasting battery and excellent wireless connectivity for quickly transferring your files without having to fuss with card readers or cables. A tilting, rotating rear touchscreen pairs with nine customizable buttons so that the camera operates exactly how you prefer. Once again, Fuji excels at making cameras for real-world photographers that are a delight to use.

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