A few questions for those dabbling in digital and analog photography:

  • Do you have mirrorless camera?
  • Do you have a film lens?
  • Do you enjoy macro?

If yes to all, I have a suggestion for you. A macro helicoid adapter. I have known about these for some time, but never considered one until recently. Now that I have, I wish I had tried one sooner.

Previously, what stopped me was cost and a lack of appreciation for how effective this piece of equipment could be. I only knew of the higher-end models from well-known brands. Some models cost nearly as much as a nice lens. I then came across a variant at a very reasonable price and gave it a shot.

                                       Haoge Macro Close Focus Lens Adapter

Rangefinder lenses are known for many positive attributes, but the ability to focus on close subjects is not one of them. This adapter solves this problem. I expected some improvement, but did not realize how drastic the difference would be.

Note: These adapters are available for many film lenses and many mirrorless cameras. While this post focuses on Leica M and Sony full frame the same would apply for others as well.

[mks_col] [mks_one_half] www.ericlwoods.com

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Here are some examples below. Normal position first. Second completely ratcheted out:




Additionally, these adapters are useful even when not using at macro focal lengths.


I have a 50mm f/1.1 and a 15mm f/4.5 and this adapter works great with both. When not extended these adapters work quite well as a normal fixed adapter.

Some advantages specific to the Haoge adapter used here:

  • Solid build.
  • Adapter is not stiff, but it holds the position set to firmly.
  • No play when mounted and securely holds the lens.
  • Quite the bargain at $39.

There may be other expensive options that will likely have superior build quality, but this one was more than solid enough for my purposes. If nothing else this adapter could be used for an inexpensive trial run if you are on the fence about buying one of the more expensive options.

Have you used close focus adapters before? If so how did they work for you? Please feel free to share your experiences with me.